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Legal notice
Visit this page about how moonzean uses your data.
By visiting this page, you agree to the way moonzean uses your data.
Inactivity notice
Network development has been stopped - features may not work properly.
The new social
Network is a social network inspired by your user-experience and our innovation. It's our approach at making the best social experience. With Network you can do much more than keep in contact with people you know.
Never-stopping innovation
We constantly extend the boundaries of what you can do with Network. How else would you be able to share files and instantly-updating notes with members of a Group?
It's your Network
Everyone is different, and we know that. Compared to other social networks you can customize more than just a profile picture.
Uncompromising security and privacy
We are using security standards but go even further by actually encrypting sensitive data, including your messages, and by default deleting messages after six weeks. You need to enter absolutely required information, only, which never goes pass our servers. It's just the way we care about your privacy.
Free. Period.
You don't need to pay even a dollar for using Network and we will never show you any ads because we hate them, too. Instead, you will be able to support us by optionally purchasing premium features when they will be available if you want to.
Network is everywhere
Network is following you wherever you go. While new features appear on the website first, we add important features to the mobile page, the iOS app and the Android app, too, so you have this incredible experience on all your devices.
Taking feedback seriously
Of course we always reply to your support requests, but our support goes even further. We really care about improving Network to make it even better for you. That's why we have open ears for your feature requests, meaning that your feature may be implemented in real!